The Liquidation Commission of the company Correios de Moçambique, led by the Institute for the Management of State Participations (IGEPE), ensures that Correios de Moçambique, EP – Under Liquidation will continue to honor all of its commitments made by the outgoing Board of Directors. In a statement published a few days ago, IGEPE refers to contractual obligations and commitments with workers, customers, judicial institutions, partners and national and international bodies that are legally valid until the date of liquidation of the company, provided that they have been assumed within the scope of competences the outgoing Board of Directors. The company Correios de Moçambique is in liquidation, after being extinguished by the Government through Decree nº 32/2021, of 31 May. According to the Government, the company’s extinction was guided by the fact that over the years it did not adjust its object and business model to the current reality and, as a consequence, it became outdated. The company was in such a difficult financial situation that it could not finance its operating costs. The liquidation process underway aims to sell part of the company’s assets to the private sector so that IGEPE can obtain a financial income for the State. The liquidation of the company Correios de Moçambique is part of the restructuring process of four public companies, initiated last March by the Government, through IGEPE, namely, Empresa Moçambicana de Seguros (EMOSE), Sociedade de Gestão Imobiliária (Domus) and Silos Terminal Matola bulk carrier (STEMA), whose assets are valued at 7 billion Meticais. (Evaristo Chilingue) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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