Insects entered through the charger hole of writer Mariana Vieira’s device, a resident of Brasília. She says she is curious to read books ‘bought’ by the ants. Insects enter a digital device and buy books A 32-year-old writer Mariana Vieira, resident of Brasília, had her Kindle, Amazon’s digital reader, invaded by ants after spending weeks without using her device. The bugs got in through the charger hole. In addition to forming a nest inside the equipment, the ants also “bought” two books, which Mariana guarantees that she will read. “I asked for a refund and got it, but now I feel obliged and I’m curious to read these books that were chosen”. ALSO READ: Hide ‘online’, silent exit from groups and more: see the latest Whatsapp updates ‘Me look strange’: Brazilians tell what it’s like to have a chip implanted in the hand Mariana says she tried to charge her Kindle , but the device showed a sign of bad contact. “I gave it a few taps, I decided to blow into the device, which is the solution we give to everything electronic. I blew and, when I see it, a lot of ants came out “, she told TV Globo. Video: ants invade Kindle, buy books and owner decides to freeze device She said she was surprised by the number of ants that came out of the digital reader. “Several puppies too, tiny ones. I was desperate. I didn’t know what to do”, Mariana remembers. She says that she left the device aside, because she thought it was damaged for good. The story went viral on the internet, after a friend of the writer made a publication on a social network. People then suggested that she put the equipment in the freezer to kill the ants. She followed the advice and solved the problem. Short circuits Video: ants invade Kindle, buy books and owner decides to freeze device Personal File Tech specialist Walker de Alencar explains that ants may have caused small short circuits that resulted in purchases. “It may be that [the ants] find some loopholes to enter and take possession of the electronics. This generates some short circuits or contacts that can cause this type of situation “, he points out. Alencar says that the first case of an error reported on computers in the United States was caused by a moth, which was inside the device. He read more news about the region in the g1 DF. Globo Tecnologia

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