This result compromises the “Hydroeléctricos” in the fight for the title, since with the triumph of Black Bulls, today, against Mathedje de Mocuba by (2-0), now adds up to 47 the same as the “Toros”.In the other matches played this Sunday, Ferroviário da Beira defeated the homonym from Lichinga, in Caldeirão do Chiveve, by (3-1), scored by Djongue (26), Abel (90+1) and Japheth (90+3). Dhlakama, following a penalty, reduced it for Lichinga’s team, in the 48th minute. Ferroviário de Nampula beat Associação Desportiva de Vilankulo by (1-0), with the only goal of the match being scored by Isac, in the 90th minute. Yesterday, Ferroviário de Nacala won the Maputo Sports League, by (1-0) and Ferroviário de Maputo went to Costa do Sol, winning by (1-2).

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