DOZENS of children who have their source of income in the daily collection and recycling of solid waste expose their health to danger in the Hulene dump, in the city of Maputo. Joaquim Rúben, 16 years old, told our newspaper that he started working at the dump in 2019, where he has managed to earn some money to support himself. At first, after so much contact with solid waste, as he explained, he presented symptoms of fevers and headaches. The smoke and the nauseating smell contributed to his health being negatively affected. “The poor working conditions made illnesses frequent, until a stage came when my body got used to the smell,” he said. Once again, Luciano Lázaro, aged 15, said he had started collecting rubbish last year, but was unaware of the danger, as all he wanted was to help feed his family and buy some personal goods. on iron, plastic, bottles and thread, which, once sold, yield just over 100 meticais per day. Read more…Source:Jornal Notícias

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