In seven seconds of video, users can create a very dynamic montage, with fun music, in images that automatically overlap. Assembly trend on TikTok and Instagram Reproduction/ Instagram In recent days, a new trend of videos has won Instagram and TikTok publications: the “Random Photo”. Users can create dynamic montages, with fun music, in images that automatically overlap. The videos produced are seven seconds long. Initial plugin text Here’s how to enter the trend: To play the trend, it is necessary to download the application “CapCut”, which automates the entire process of playing the video. The application has some paid functions, but other free features, such as the one that allows you to create videos in this trend. Playback Within the app, click on the “Template” option at the bottom of the screen. Playback On this screen, search for “Random Photo”. Each option within this search will have a different song and different format for overlaying the photos. Play/Cap Cut Let’s use the first highlighted option on the left of the search. Click “Use Template” Play/CapCut Now it’s time to put the photos and videos you want to share. Playback/CapCut Step by step when placing the images: You will have to fill all 31 frames of the application to create the seven-second video; After the first frame, pay attention to placing the same photo or video in the frames with the same colored dots. Once you’ve done that, click next, wait for the video to load and you’ll now be able to join the trend! Reproduction/TikTok Tip “flat” images, without overlays and different planes, will not look so cool in this trend. For example, flat images of landscapes. Also, images with a lot of overlaps can make the video a bit chaotic, so it might be good to try to balance multi-plane shots with “cleaner” ones. SEE ALSO: TikTok announces new tools to customize viewing How to put voice in TikTok video subtitles Globo Tecnologia

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