At least 29 people lost their lives in the last nine months of this year, victims of high blood pressure among 779 patients admitted to the emergency room at the Nampula Central Hospital (HCN). Health authorities report that hypertensive diseases and its complications are the main causes of deaths recorded in that hospital unit, although malaria is at the top of admissions to those services. In the last nine months of this year, emergency services at HCN registered the admission of just over 4,240 patients with malaria, from three of which resulted in deaths. The director of the HCN Help Bank, Suleimana Isidoro, described the situation as worrying, taking into account that deaths from hypertension occur more in individuals under 45 years of age. “We are losing many young people for diseases that we can prevent. That’s sad”, he highlighted, adding that the lifestyle we currently lead is the main factor, associated with a sedentary lifestyle. He noted that many patients do not comply with their medication correctly, which can complicate your health status.Read more…Source:Jornal Notícias

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