Commentators on the program “Noite Informativa”, by STV Notícias, argue that the judgment of the hidden debt scandal could lead to an unblocking of the international community’s aid to Mozambique. Stakeholders also say that the judgment may influence the choice of the next President of the country.For Ismael Mussá, a commentator on the informative program, the expectation is that this judgment will proceed quickly “and not what happened to the whole process that led to the trial, all that slowness; that we can definitively clarify the case and hold people accountable.” “But what we ultimately want is for the doors to open for Mozambique, for the country to receive international aid again , return to normality in the international financial system,” added Mussá. The commentator went even further by stating that the condemnation of some members of the ruling FRELIMO party, involved in the hidden debt scandal, “may create collateral effects on the party and on the political structure from the country”. Mussá believes that the trial is not an easy matter, both for the judge and for those in power today. Speaking about the trial of those involved, Ismael Mussá highlighted the possibility of innocent people, adding that “there is nothing better than a trial for clarify things. We want things to be clarified.” For Dércio Alfazema, another commentator, “hidden debts put Mozambique in an embarrassment situation, in the sense that the country was counted in the corruption ratings indexes, as a country quite corrupt and showing no signs of improvement”. In turn, Américo Ubisse, who also intervened in the program, stressed that it is the role of the justice authorities to proceed diligently in solving this problem, which has plagued the country at the international level, recalling that the scandal has contributed to the economic crisis that has hit several citizens. The judgment of the hidden debts case is scheduled for the 23rd of August. e:The Country

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