The demand was presented by a group of health professionals, made up of drivers, assistants, administrators, specialists, N1 senior technicians, among others, who have not yet benefited from the salary and training increase. At a press conference held last Friday, the group’s spokesperson, Horácio Nhoca, said that the requirement derives from the fact that the committee elected to the negotiating table does not provide members with documented information about the agreements reached or failed. “The negotiating team only brings us information verbally, or written in texts and sent to WhatsApp groups, which is not healthy for an association. As members, we need written information.” According to Nhoca, the negotiating team has used this modality since they began negotiations with the government. However, what concerns the association is that there is no transparency in the management of the information that the team shares. “Since September, which was the last month in which there was reclassification, we were waiting for the other group that was left out to be included until last November, but since then everything has been silent.” (M.A) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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