“The bandits broke into the staff premises of the ‘campus’, firing sporadically during the process, and two students were caught and sustained gunshot wounds” in a statement from the Kaduna Commissariat of Internal Security and Internal Affairs, cited by the Spanish agency. for killing one of the students hit by the bullets.”They were rushed to hospital for medical assistance, but unfortunately Ahmad Muhammed succumbed to his injuries and died this morning; the other student, Haruna Isyaku Duniya, is still receiving medical treatment” added the same source. In recent months, kidnappings have increased in schools in Kaduna and other northwestern states of the country to obtain ransoms, and more than 800 al unos have been abducted since December. On May 30, in the most recent attack, an undetermined number of students were taken from a religious school in the state of Niger, in the north-central part of the country and neighboring Kaduna, of whom 11 were among the 4 and 12 years old were released a day later.

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