“If I tell people that we have 102 deputies, they will be shocked at first, but that is our reality. Unfortunately, we like to get pots, we don’t look to the country’s reality, but with time we will correct all this”, observed the Guinean head of state.According to the news to Minuto, Sissoco Embaló was speaking at Osvaldo Vieira de Bissau international airport, moments before traveling to Equatorial Guinea, where he will participate in an extraordinary summit of the African Union (AU). The summit will analyze the mechanisms for African States to set up a fund to finance actions to combat terrorism and fight against changes in constitutional regimes through non-democratic means, said the leader “I myself was a victim of this situation”, observed Sissoco Embaló, referring to the attempted coup d’état that he was targeted on February 1st. Asked about the process of formation of the future the presidential initiative government, Embaló said that he has already invited the executive to integrate all the parties with a seat in parliament. The head of state dissolved parliament last week, kept the prime minister, Nuno Gomes Nabiam, in office and the deputy prime minister, Soares Sambu, and called for early legislative elections for December 18. The Guinean President clarified that he could not invite all the parties in the country.”Guinea-Bissau is the country in the world with the highest number of parties ‘per capita'”, observed Umaro Sissoco Embaló, who wants transparency in the next early legislative elections, stressing that the presence of the parties represented in the parliament can give this guarantee.

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