The Council of Ministers approved today, 16 August 2022, the first measures of the Economic Stimulus Package, announced last week by the President of the Republic. One of them is the draft law that establishes the legal regime for foreign citizens, establishing the respective rules for entering, staying and leaving the country, as well as their rights, duties and guarantees. The proposal, prepared by the Ministry of the Interior and which must be submitted to the Assembly of the Republic for consideration, debate and subsequent approval, will repeal Law nº 5/93, of 28 December, known as the Immigration Law. The Government, it should be noted, is meeting today at its 28th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers. According to the document that “Letter” had access to, the review aims to adapt the rules regarding the entry, stay and exit of foreign citizens in the country, as well as the responsibility of transport companies regarding the transport of citizens who do not meet the admissibility requirements. of entry into the country, as a necessary measure to effectively combat illegal immigration and trafficking in human beings. The document also intends to adjust the rules that determine the procedures and competences related to the administrative expulsion of foreign citizens, including the admissible forms of appeal. “It is also intended to provide for the possibility for the Council of Ministers, whenever the State’s interest justifies it, to exempt citizens of certain countries from presenting an entry visa”. Underline that, among the measures announced last week by the President of the Republic, is the review of the general regime for granting entry visas in our country, in order to facilitate and increase the number of people who intend to visit and invest in the country. (Letter)   Source: Carta de Moçambique

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