The Mozambican Government said today that the states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) already have all the necessary information to decide on the type of support in the fight against armed violence in Cabo Delgado. “Right now, conditions are created for each SADC member state to say how it can support the Government of Mozambique in the fight against terrorism in Cabo Delgado”, said the spokesman for the Mozambican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation , António Muchave, at a press conference. The official pointed out the results of the SADC technical mission that surveyed the needs of Mozambique in the fight against armed groups that carry out attacks in Cabo Delgado and the results of summits and ministerial meetings of the organization on armed violence in the north of the country as having provided a clear picture of the support needed. “All information has been made available to member states about the needs that Mozambique has”, he reiterated. In this sense, he continued, the regional partners are evaluating the type of aid and the final decision should be taken at the organization’s next extraordinary summit – to be held in Maputo and to be scheduled until June 20, according to the decisions taken at the last meeting. Despite the emphasis on the mobilization of SADC, “the fight against terrorism is a global challenge”, it is in this perspective that the Mozambican authorities have mobilized support from other international partners, added António Muchave. “Terrorism is a global phenomenon and its fight must be dealt with in a way that involves all those who have the experience, capacity, interest and means to help face this phenomenon”, he observed. Armed groups have terrorized the northern province since 2017, with some attacks claimed by the ‘jihadist’ Islamic State group, in a wave of violence that has already caused more than 2,800 deaths according to the ACLED conflict registration project and 714,000 displaced according to the Government Mozambican. (Lusa) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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