The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, in partnership with Mozambique Woman of Energy, has created a scholarship program for a Masters course in Reliability Engineering. The training aims to encourage Mozambican women to embrace the field in question. This is an initiative that aims to ensure opportunities for Mozambican women who want to continue their studies after graduation, embracing the field of engineering. The courses in question will be taught in the United States, starting in August. “This Masters is in the field of Reliability Engineering; in this first phase, we identified three women, all of Mozambican nationality, who will travel on the 24th of this month to the United States of America and classes will start as early as August,” said Talumba Katawala, co-founder of Mozambique Woman of Energy. The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy says the initiative responds to the Government’s needs to train staff to serve the country , above all, women. “This initiative arises from the Government’s efforts to train staff to face large projects and is an answer to all who asked if there was space for women in this engineering area. And, after training, the Government will create conditions to include these women in large projects”, explained Marta Vieira, director of human resources at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy. recipients of the first grants of the program, which involves the Government and the association, did not hide their satisfaction and promised to give their best. “The first objective is to return everything I have learned to my country, especially to change the lives of Mozambican women and I will do my best. I hope this will serve as an inspiration and encouragement for other people not to give up on their dreams and goals”, wished Sila Chilengue, beneficiary of the grant. The Government intends to create conditions so that, as soon as the grantees are trained, they can participate in major projects, mainly from the extractive industry in Mozambique. Source:O País

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