As part of the Economic Acceleration Program (PAE) measures, the Government promised to reduce the VAT rate from 17 percent to 16 percent. The announcement was welcomed by the private sector. A few weeks later, the Government has just published a matrix with the proposed Amendment to Law 13/2016 (Value Added Tax Code). The Government now intends to withdraw exemptions from Private Health and Private Education services, with the introduction of VAT at the rate of 16 percent. On the other hand, VAT will cover rent for commercial and industrial purposes in rural areas. VAT will also be applied to financial, banking and insurance operations that are not subject to stamp duty. The Government’s proposal contemplates the taxation of VAT on the transmission of bicycles, with the exception of common and iron bicycles up to 4 speeds (which will be exempt). Garbage removal services will only be exempt from VAT when performed by public entities and contracted by them; every private person will pay VAT, etc. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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