The Government and the Concessionaire of the Port of Maputo (MPDC) yesterday signed the addendum to extend the concession for another 25 years, that is, until 2058. According to the parties, In addition to investments in infrastructure, there will be attention to the social component. The Port of Maputo was concessioned to the MPDC in 2003 and the contract ends in 2025. This Friday, the extension of the concession was signed for another 25 years, which will end the April 13, 2058. In addition to expansion, modernization and increased storage capacity, the port wants to be a regional reference and with a focus on the social component. “We will continue to invest in human capital, equipment and systems. As part of the addendum, the Government negotiated with MPDC a series of social investments in structuring projects that could contribute to improving the quality of life of residents of the city of Maputo and the ecosystem of which the Maputo birth is part.” And the government highlights some of the direct benefits for the national economy , including more than 8 billion dollars in income, dividends and direct taxes.”These investments will be carried out in the first ten years and include the construction of the Ka Nhaka bridge, a project that has already started and was recently launched , which will improve the Island’s connectivity, facilitating the transport of goods and providing local economic development as well as ensuring a safe and reliable infrastructure for the movement of cargo and passengers, acquisition of a second passenger vessel to and from Ka Nhaca” explained Amilton Alissone Vice-Minister of transport and communications. At the same event, the book that portrays the history of the 120 years of the port of Maputo by writer Nelson Saúte was presented. Source: O País

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