The mourning is in force between today and the 28th of the current month. A team was set up that points to excessive speed and irregular overtaking as the primary causes of the fatal accident recorded in Mopeia, Zambézia, on Saturday. The team must present definitive results in 15 days. The National Mourning was decreed yesterday in a session of the Council of Ministers, four days after the fatal accident.”During the period of National Mourning, the national flag and the presidential pavilion will be hoisted in half throughout the national territory and in the diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Mozambique”, announced Inocêncio Impissa, spokesman for the Council of Ministers. explain what is being done to clarify the accident. For now, the multisectoral team, made up of employees from the National Institute of Road Transport, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Public Works, presented preliminary results of the causes of the accident”In addition to the capacity of one of the vehicles, there was excessive speed and a vehicle was moving in the opposite direction, during irregular overtaking”, said Janfar Abdulai. And with the preliminary result pointing to excessive speed among the causes, Janfar Abdulai says that there are measures being taken to better control vehicles on the roads. that this issue of speed has been recurring. Therefore, we are going to introduce a trip control sheet, which will allow us to know how long it takes a certain vehicle from one point to another”, says Abdulai, adding that “we are concerned about question of the mechanical condition of the vehicles. And because it is the responsibility of the regulator. We are working to assess the extent to which inspection points, for which gives an indication that some inspection points have not carried out their activity with dignity”. On the support to the families of the fatal victims, a matter that differs between those involved, with the provincial governor saying that there was help and the families targeted to deny it, the Minister of Transport brings his version that is different from everyone else. “We have to give an account of what happened, starting from the local government; the governor of the province of Zambézia showed willingness to support families”, he said. It also decided to amend article 30 of the regulation of the Law on the National Education System, with a view to attributing powers to the minister of the sector to define norms in the training of teachers and criteria for the opening and closing of establishments for the training of teachers. The country

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