The Frelimo party, which has commanded the country’s destinies since national independence, considers itself a victim of terrorist attacks, which have been taking place for nearly four years in some districts of Cabo Delgado province. The information was released this Tuesday, by the newly elected First Secretary of the Provincial Committee of Frelimo de Nampula, Luciano De Castro, in a presentation ceremony to the “comrades”. Without revealing the number of Frelimo members and sympathizers murdered by the terrorists, De Castro stated only that the insurgents have persecuted and murdered the members and sympathizers of that political formation. In fact, in his speech, the source did not rule out the possibility of the terrorist attacks spreading to the province of Nampula, considered the largest recruiting center for young people who are part of the terrorists’ ranks. It should be noted that the terrorist attacks have already caused the death of more than two thousand people, including civilians, members of the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) and members of the terrorist group. More than 800 thousand people were forced to leave their areas of origin, some of which are located outside the city of Pemba. (Letter) Source: Mozambican Letter

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