Former South African President Jacob Zuma will surrender at Nkandla Police Station, from where he will be transferred to a prison, to carry out the sentence of fifteen months in prison, determined by the Constitutional Court. The information is provided by one of the daughters, in a post on social media, cited by the South African press. Duduzile Zuma does not say when the father will present himself to the police authorities, knowing that the Constitutional Court has granted five days to do so, that is, until the weekend. Duduzile Zuma also writes that the father is excited and unafraid and that supporters will escort him to the penitentiary, where he will serve his sentence. In a decision described as a clear sign that none The South African is above the law, the Constitutional Court sentenced Jacob Zuma for disobedience to justice. In addition to fifteen months in prison, the constitutional court sentenced Zuma to pay the two lawyers of the commission of inquiry into major corruption, who led the complaint about disobedience by the former president. Jacob Zuma, in addition to refusing to testify before the commission of inquiry, also launched several attacks on the South African judicial system, a fact that weighed heavily in the sentence handed down today.A sentence seen by international law expert and professor emeritus, Andre Thomashausen, as a victory for South African justice and the fight against corruption, led by President Cyril Ramaphosa ( RM)Source:Rádio Moçambique Online

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