The confirmation was given by the president of the organization that manages the national football, Feizal Sidat. “We have already made efforts with the clubs to which the players belong in order to justify these absences (…) it is true that we sent the airline tickets, but what happened next were absences. We are waiting to know what really happened , because there is probably some justification” said Feizal Sidat. About the future commitments of the Mambas, Sidat hopes to count on the players.”They add value to our team and we hope that in the future they can contribute to our team” he said. possible situations, which would have displeased the players, Feizal called for dialogue. “We hope that there will be constructive criticism, that if there is any problem, generated by a failure of the federation’s management or the technical team, they will come together and, in their own forum, they will be able to talk with us” ended.The President of the Mozambican Football Federation, Feizal Sidat was speaking at the General Assembly held last Tuesday, October 12, at the organization’s headquarters in Maputo.

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