At the same event, João Bonde, from Ferroviário da Beira, won the title of best male player of the year and Neyma Nhamirre from Costa do Sol in the female category. Geny Catamo, who plays for Sporting de Portugal, was considered the best Mozambican male player to play abroad and Lúcia Moçambique, from Bouldklubben in Denmark, in women’s. Fazito, goalkeeper from Ferroviário de Nampula, in the men’s category, and Suzana Tiago from Ferroviário de Lichinga, were awarded as new athletes. Hélder Duarte, champion of Ferroviário da Beira and Ismael Algy of Costa do Sol – received the distinction of best coach of the year in the national team category. Chiquinho Conde and Luís Fumo, in men’s and women’s categories, respectively, won the award for best selectors. Junayd Lalgy was the best sports manager.

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