The administration of the cemetery of Lhanguene, in the city of Maputo, registers floods and agglomerations of people who intend to carry out the regulation of graves. According to users, the process is proceeding slowly. In the process that aims to regularize at least 10,000 graves by the 28th of July of the current year, the COVID-19 prevention measures are not being observed. here. The services should start at 7 am but only at 9 am began to operate and at 1:30 pm they will certainly close activities as they did yesterday”, said one of the users interviewed by “O País”. must be paid to regularize the situation of the graves is absurd and typical of opportunistic people. “Just look at these old people who are here, where will they find these 1500? And the most aggravating thing, find out from the people who are here how many graves have in this place? To see more or less how much this comes out, it doesn’t make sense. First, they provide bad service, we are in a time of pandemic and somehow they force people to violate the Presidential Decree because the process ends on the 28th”, lamented user.A Some people complain about the lack of guidance from the administration to contain COVID-19 in the place. “All the people want to be assisted and there is no one from the management to give us guidance, thus making us get together in the same place and we run the risk of contracting the virus,” said one user. The cemetery administration has not yet commented on the situation. The Municipality of Maputo has under its management 11 cemeteries, one of which is in the Municipality of Matola, that of Michafutene .Source: O País

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