Five individuals of Somali nationality were arrested a few days ago in the city of Beira, accused of recruiting foreign and national citizens into the ranks of terrorists, as well as of trafficking in persons and drugs, use and falsification of documents. The arrest of these individuals, which took place after three months of investigation, was supported by an arrest warrant issued by the Judicial Court of the City of Beira. According to the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC), “the leader of the group has been recruiting Kenyan nationals for the insurgency in Cabo Delgado province”. Beira), where citizens of foreign nationality were, who were dedicated to the practice of various crimes and, by its nature and looking at the subjects, SERNIC could not execute the warrants alone; it was necessary to collaborate with other Defense and Security Forces ( FDS), namely PRM, SENAMI and SISE. This operation resulted in the arrest of five individuals, including a woman, and the seizure of four travel documents, 11 passports, six with Kenyan characteristics and five with Somali characteristics; one ticket with Somali characteristics; three with Kenyan characteristics and 13 asylum application cards in the Republic of Mozambique”, detailed Alfeu Sitoe, spokesperson for SERNIC in Sofala.Fr Ancisco Chambal, from the Migration Services in Sofala, added that the authenticity of all the documents mentioned, both foreign and national, is still to be checked, but visual observation indicates that they are false. is the fact that the detainees arrived in our country without having observed the entry formalities, that is, they entered Mozambique illegally. In their passports, there is no stamp from our services that confirms the date of entry and the place in the national territory”. involves some migration officials who facilitate the issuance of part of the seized documents and, at this moment, “procedures are underway to assess the degree of involvement of each of the accused and their facilitators, so that all are held accountable”. Country

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