The President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, guarantees that surcharges on imports of products, such as sugar, will continue as a way of encouraging the consumption of local products. Speaking at the National Conference on Social Dialogue and Collective Negotiation, the Head of State said that Mozambique is implementing several measures to stabilize currency inflation. “Mozambique is implementing the employment policy, and the respective 2021-2024 action plan. With the involvement of the public and private sectors, more than one million permanent, temporary and seasonal jobs were created.” He further explained that during the Covid-19 period, the Government had to adopt several emergency measures, which were reflected in the economy .”The economic context conditions inflation and the volatility of companies’ activities in relation to various sectors intrinsic to our economy. This trend induces two critical dimensions for workers, namely, the general rise in prices and the ability of companies to cover remuneration costs in adverse market conditions.” In this sense, he explained, “The government values ​​the situation of Mozambican workers, who are the main source of value creation. All the measures taken during the inflationary crisis, in 2020, were aimed at stabilizing the situation, some of them with a painful effect, but they were to encourage inflation. We had to stabilize our currency.” The measures adopted to stabilize the currency, according to Filipe Nyusi, had satisfactory results. “As a consequence of these measures, we are experiencing a downward trend in prices and interest rates, with an impact on the demand for two channels, consumption and investment”, said Filipe Nyusi, adding that “This is how we invest in the growth of domestic production, investing in various infrastructures, improving the business environment, and attracting more productive investment that generates employment, such as as evidenced by the 40 percent increase in investment intentions, between 2022 and 2023, at a figure of 2.2 billion US dollars.” The Head of State also considers that statistics on production indicate growth in the order of 5.1 percent of GDP in 2023, and growth of 5.4 percent is estimated for this year. This growth will result in employability, and several measures to alleviate the cost of living, maintain employment and maintain purchasing power.” Source: The country

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