All community posts may appear less in their participants’ timeline if a person has removed content anywhere on the social network. Facebook groups may appear less in the news feed Stephen Lam/Reuters Facebook announced on Wednesday (20) that it will decrease the reach of all posts in a group if a member violates the moderation rules anywhere on the social network. In practice, all posts coming from a community may start to appear less on each participant’s timeline, even if the rule violation did not occur within that group. LEARN MORE: Since 2020, posts from public groups appear in user feeds and web searches Company expanded moderation tools for community administrators People who publish content violate network guidelines are blocked in all groups Company said although the scope will get smaller and smaller if the members accumulate several infractions. For the social network, this “will help reduce the ability of members who violate our rules to reach other people”. For rule violations within a group, administrators will be able to view content flagged for removal before it is shown to the wider community. This will allow them to remove this post themselves or ask for a Facebook review including why they believe that content should remain on the platform. Flagged by Facebook involves administrators in reviewing content early in the process, before Group members are penalized and content is removed. The news announced on Wednesday (20) are added to other initiatives related to communities on Facebook. The social network last June released resources for administrators to control what is posted and expanded the possible punishments for rule violations. See tips to avoid WhatsApp scams: WhatsApp scams: learn how to protect yourself Globo Tecnologia

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