It is the first time that Meta has filed a lawsuit against Brazilian companies for selling likes, comments and views on the platform. Facebook announces Meta, the new name of its parent company Reproduction/Facebook Meta, parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, announced that, for the first time, it is suing two Brazilian companies for “false engagement”. According to Mark Zuckerberg’s company, MGM Marketing Digital LTDA and Igoo Networks Eireli Me sold likes, followers and views to other profiles on Instagram. The practice, also known as click farm, violates the platform’s Terms of Use. Meta, owner of Facebook, and Amazon offer free courses in technology; see how to apply US agency tries to prevent Facebook from buying virtual reality company Within A Meta details that the companies operated under the following names: “InstaBrasil”, “Seguidoresgram”, “InstaCurtidas”, “SMM Revenda” and “Seguidores Brasil” . g1 was unable to reach MGM and Igoo for comment. “In addition to selling engagement, some of the services requested login credentials from Instagram users,” said Jessica Romero, legal director at Meta, who signed the statement released last week. Instagram: see what to do when you lose your account Meta processes run in São Paulo The g1 had access to the actions, which are being processed in the 1st and 2nd Business and Arbitration Courts, in São Paulo. On August 10, the judge in charge of the case, Luis Felipe Ferrari Bedendi, classified the allegations presented by Meta as serious and gave MGM Marketing Digital and Igoo Networks five days to comment on the case. In addition to them, the Facebook owner reported that she is deactivating accounts that promise false engagement and that she has notified more than 40 Brazilian companies for the practice on Instagram and Facebook. Initial plugin text Globo Tecnologia

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