Resulting from a 15-day artistic residency of two French artists, Albertine Trichon and Caroline Aycard, the exhibition “Maputo, Cidade Portuária” will open this Thursday, from 5 pm hours.The opening ceremony will be restricted and will be held with the presence of the authors of the collective.According to a note from the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center, each artist in the exhibition will be presented with different means, engraving in monotype and painting in mixed technique. The collective results from the annual artistic residency program and especially aimed at French/as and French-speaking/as artists. Mozambique, with the aim of fostering collaboration, cooperation and exchange between cultures. Albertine Trichon is a painter. After studying languages ​​and literature at the Sorbonne, she joined the Paris School of Fine Arts (workshops of Vincent Bioulès and Jean-Michel Albérola), and practiced lithography and engraving. After her higher studies, she exhibited in France, Japan, Germany, Croatia and Greece. The themes of her works refer to encounters with places and their contemporaries, putting them in perspective or simply the daily journeys that inspire her. In addition to Albertine Trichon, Franco’s note refers to Caroline Aycard, painter and sculptor. After studying law and administration at the Pantheon, she radically changed direction, entering the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. While attending the sculpture workshop directed by Bruno Lebel and later Richard Deacon, she took the opportunity, over the course of five years, to approach different means of plastic expression. Since then, in addition to teaching sculpture, drawing and painting, she has continued her artistic practice and exhibits regularly in France. Everyday life, the people around her and her desires elsewhere inspire her work, which takes the form of drawing, painting, engraving or sculpture. Source: O País

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