An economic agent in the Municipality of Matola denounced the destruction and expropriation of his plot to the newspaper “O País”. It is a shipyard in which inert materials were sold and which it had been trying to regularize since 2013, but without success. The city government says that the plot in question is in an inappropriate location and the activity the citizen performed was illegal. Gilberto Chambule showed our report several documents that he submitted to the Matola Municipal Council, since 2013, to regularize his plot of 50/170m, located on the side of Estrada Nacional number 4, in the Matola Gare district, commonly known as Tchumene 1. In the aforementioned plot, which for 15 years worked as a shipyard, Gilberto sold construction material. Gilberto told “O País” that, after deadlocks in the regularization of the space, he was surprised, on Thursday, by machines from the Matola building and everything was destroyed. be allocated another portion in order to continue your business. “My astonishment is that I only saw machines here coming to destroy my warehouse where I kept my things, taken from the sand I used to sell and that’s it, I have no explanation”. Director Nhazimo told me that they lost my documents, they always said who have lost documents, so far I await an answer and I have no answer, I only see the destruction of my infrastructure”. Our interviewee adds that the parcel inherited from his parents and explores as he told 15 years ago, he also says that he has tried to build a station before for washing cars and cafeterias, projects that were failed by the city council. The councilor for Territorial Planning and Urbanization explains the reasons that dictated the demolition and expropriation of that portion that is at the center of the dispute. “The place where he is carrying out his activities is not they are able, firstly, to be a plot, secondly it does not have any demarcation from the Municipal Council and thirdly it is located on the edge of a siltation of the Matola River. Hence, all these requirements do not allow us to have authorization to carry out the activity. The idea is not to remove these economic agents or these fellow citizens from inappropriate places, it is to create conditions for them to continue to carry out their commercial activity, hence, this citizen should approach the Matola Municipal Council to see where we can effectively place the he to continue with his activity. “According to José Sambo, the removal of shipyards that are in inappropriate locations will continue. In fact, since the beginning of the year, the Matola city council has been announcing that all activities that are carried out in inappropriate locations would be removed.Source:The Country

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