THE MINISTRY of Education and Human Development (MINEDH) urges all those involved in the exam process underway, since yesterday, in the country to be guided by responsibility and warns that it will not tolerate any attempts to academic fraud. The challenge was launched yesterday, in the municipal village of Macia, in Gaza, by the deputy minister of MINDEH, Manuel Bazo, during the official launch ceremony of the 6th class final exams, which involve 58,697 nationally.Manuel Banzo states that his sector wants guarantees that the exams will take place as normally as possible, in an orderly and peaceful environment. “It has always been the government’s desire for the exam process to take place in a calm, peaceful, serene and responsible manner. For this we count with everyone, from school managers, teachers, the students themselves, parents and guardians, each one doing their part so that we can augur good pedagogical results” said Banzo.Read more…Source:Jornal Notícias

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