On June 19, in the Bairro Chamanculo “C”, in Maputo City, the documentary Perspectivas do meu ghetto will be released, revealing the contrast in the way the public looks at the peripheral neighborhoods, exploring the artistic and social perspective. Likewise, the documentary presents the existing differences from the moment that the same historical and/or culturally rich neighborhoods are considered, and, on the other hand, they are assumed to be neighborhoods insecure, not much to offer. Thus, according to a press release, the film is intended to invite the public to look at the neighborhoods as a whole and not in a fragmented way. The idea is to clarify the reasons for the contrast and its consequences for the development and recognition of peripheral neighborhoods. The documentary features the main interventions of cultural activist Nuno Zaqueu, specialist in Cultural and Creative Industries Matilde Muocha, anthropologist and researcher Salomão Nicasse .The project covered the districts of Chamanculo, Xipamanine and Polana (Museum), in Maputo city, in a production and direction by the group Chamanculo é Vida e Kcn Filmes, namely Cecília Mahumane and Kelvin Nhatumbo. The film features a partnership between Vitrine & Djinafite. After the launch, in the Chamanculo “C” neighborhood, other presentations will follow in Maputo city, specifically in cultural spaces, and in other peripheral neighborhoods. The Chamanculo é Vida group has been carrying out its activities around the community of the district of Nhlamankulu (in a first phase), with the aim of helping to promote the socio-cultural and economic growth of neighborhoods such as Chamanculo, Malanga and Xipamanine, creating solutions that can allow the growth of communities based on their potential.Source:O País

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