The persecution of young people by elements of the Mozambican Defense and Security Forces, allegedly because they still have contacts with their friends and acquaintances affiliated with terrorist groups operating in Cabo Delgado, are some of the of the concerns presented by the youth layer. For them, celebrating the 12th of August, world-renowned Youth Day, makes little sense, because young people are still victims of persecution, especially when it is known that they practice some income activity. In the area known as “Quatro Caminhos”, in the Chuiba neighborhood, young people told “Carta” that it is risky to develop an activity that earns money, although many of them are dedicated to the activity of motorcycle taxi, giving an example that one of the his colleagues was recently mistreated by the military. Identified by Falume, the young man from Mucojo and displaced in Pemba since 2020, where to survive he decided to embrace the motorcycle taxi activity, he was tricked by some military and later taken to the Maringanha barracks, where he was mistreated and contracted serious injury. It should be noted that the lack of an identity card or a declaration of the neighborhood has also been a reason for displaced young people to be victims of abuse, including extortion by certain elements of the SDS. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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