The construction of the first of the six porches to house sellers at the Zimpeto Wholesale Market in Maputo is delayed, the work was due to be delivered on 6 June, but the city council justifies that the roofing is being produced in South Africa. So far, it is only possible to see profiled pillars and half a dozen workers, in an undertaking estimated at about 29,761,212.97 meticais, a value provided by the Municipality of Maputo. According to the plate erected next to the contract, the works have a duration of eight months, that is, starting on October 6, 2020, and should be delivered on June 6, 2021. Little less than two weeks before the scheduled delivery date, but the first porch, corresponding to the initial phase, is not there. Salespeople are the most affected by the delay. Amadeu Magaia, head of the Potato sector in that market, gave voice to the complaint of colleagues. “We, as sellers here in the market, saw the implementation of the work, but we do not know when we will have possession to carry out our activities. Our work is being done like this, as you can see. We are not well organized due to our removal from there, here we had to get ready, that is, each seller looks for a place and fits his truck “, he complained. last year, the Municipality of Maputo, led by Eneas Comiche, carried out actions to restructure most of the markets and Zimpeto was no exception. The actions were also aimed at creating conditions for the prevention of COVID-19. However, the sellers continue to be exposed to contamination by the virus because they do not observe the protocol and ignore the distance planned to face the pandemic. , to prevent as you see, we work in terrible conditions, everyone is in the same place, this is cluttered and is a risk, but we have no way, we have to work “, he lamented. Therefore, the councilor for the Development of the Local Economy in the Municipality from Maputo, Danube Side, explained that the delay in the production of roofing sheets in South Africa is contributing to the delay in the works and promised to comment later this week for more details. Source: O País

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