Dance, Sport, a musical show and gastronomy, go hand in hand in the celebrations this Sunday, of the fifteen years of the Reversal of the HCB Company in favor of the Mozambican government .After the mini – marathon of kilometers and athletics, local musicians shared the stage in a true celebration of the fifteen years of the reversal of HCB.Bibiana Simone or simply Usibi Culumba and Dany Jeque who were interpreting various musical themes, highlighting national unity , they said that this was another opportunity for local musicians to show what they are worth in music. With the Songo village center completely packed, Judite Gimo and Mariana Adelino talk about a memorable event. And typical cuisine from Tete and Songo in particular, there are those who had time to sell their products, such as Isabel Daniel and Atalia Martins. (RM)Source:Radio Mozambique Online

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