The Chicken and Magumba Market in the City of Maputo is now managed by the private sector. The City Council hopes that the new management model will solve the problems that the infrastructure faces. The Chicken and Magumba Market emerged and solved the problem of disorderly sales on the Costa do Sol beach. Now, sellers want solutions to some problems of the infrastructure itself. Electricity was never installed, which forces spending on ice cubes, in addition to having only two kitchens, insufficient for the number of sellers. These are some of the problems that are expected to be resolved with the transfer of market management to the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA). The information was shared today by the councilor for Local Economic Development, Danúbio Lado, who was speaking at a press conference. Danúbio Lado advanced that, with the new management model, it is intended to implement new management strategies and minimize market difficulties.”In the beginning, we did a co-management, but the time has come to hand over management to CTA, in order to to solve some personal problems that we have”, explained Danúbio Lado, who added that the experience “will allow the private sector to show its capacity in the management of public infrastructures”. between the Municipal Council of the City of Maputo and the Confederation of Economic Associations. And the mandate of the private sector in the management of this market is eight years.” During this period, the Municipal Council will be involved in the management, making a direct supervision of the work that will be done in the market. their ideas, concerns, in order to have a harmonious environment in the market”, concluded Danúbio Lado, councilor for the area of ​​Local Development.

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