According to financial information agency Bloomberg, the European unit of Credit Suisse has pleaded guilty to its role in the loan-raising scandal that diverted funds from the treasury Mozambique’s public and launched the country into an economic and financial crisis. Credit Suisse pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud transfer during a hearing that took place on Tuesday (19.10) in a court in Brooklyn, New York, the same day that the Swiss bank’s headquarters agreed with the US Department of Justice to postpone the accusation for three years. Credit Suisse will thus pay about $475 million, equivalent to €408 million, in the settlement with financial judicial authorities in the United States, the United Kingdom and elsewhere, according to Bloomberg, which and cites sources close to the lawsuit. Details of the agreement are expected to be released in the coming days, adds the financial information agency, which quotes the bank’s lawyer as confirming that the financial institution was found guilty. to participate in a scheme to violate the statute on fraudulent international transfer of funds, by participating in a scheme to obtain money through false and fraudulent statements

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