The director of the African Union Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), John Nkengasong, warned today that vaccination against COVID-19 could become mandatory in the African Union. African countries, due to people’s reluctance to adhere to immunization against the viral disease. “It is natural that this trend will spread across the continent, many countries will adopt this policy, because the political leaders are very concerned, as they struggled to buy vaccines and populations don’t use them, which is a pity, because it creates an unnecessary financial burden,” said Nkengasong, Faced with statistics on vaccination against COVID-19 in Africa, which is still less than desirable, John Nkengasong pointed to immunization as an alternative effective in overcoming the health situation on the continent. On the emergence of new variants of the pandemic virus in South Africa and Botswana, the leader said that “the new wave could it can be mitigated if large numbers of people are vaccinated.” “We cannot use the justification of the past to say that people do not get vaccinated, vaccines are available, only 55 percent of available vaccines have been used, this is even unacceptable, because if if people want to be vaccinated, they can, and that’s why I make another appeal for them to get vaccinated, because that’s the only way we will protect ourselves and prevent political leaders from imposing a requirement of mandatory vaccines”, appealed Nkengasong, quoted by Notícias ao Minuto. that Kenya has decided to impose sanctions on people who have not been vaccinated against Coronavirus. In this context, from December 21, Kenyans who are not vaccinated against the new Coronavirus will be prevented from entering public services and hospitals, among other state buildings, as well as driving taxis and motorcycle taxis, announced Sunday the Health Minister, Mutahi Kagwe.Source:The Country

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