According to the financial information agency Bloomberg, which cites the preliminary version of a report, Hong Kong, which has the same health isolation policies as Macau, should expect that China develops a vaccine and immunizes its 1.4 billion inhabitants before abandoning the restrictive measures in force. if Hong Kong remains “semi-closed” to international travel.”We anticipate an outflow of foreigners, probably the biggest Hong Kong has ever seen, and one of the biggest, in absolute terms, of any city in the region” in history According to the Chamber, this would make Hong Kong less diverse and less attractive to international companies, which would end up limiting the contribution to economic growth. mia, which recommends that multinationals prepare to have regional offices in other Asian cities instead of in the former British colony. The warning from European entrepreneurs comes at a time when Hong Kong is imposing measures of near confinement and with restrictions on flights from eight locations, including the United States and the United Kingdom, to contain the spread of the Ómicron variant. to the adjustment that the rest of the world has made to live with the virus with a high level of vaccination of the population.Hong Kong, for example, forces travelers to stay in quarantine for 21 days when arriving in the territory, which makes it difficult for the executives in the city and makes it more difficult to hire the best professionals, according to Bloomberg. The report, which explores various scenarios, was created to help international companies to prepare for the future in Hong Kong, as travel restrictions are expected to last at least one to three years, businesses need to decide how to keep the most talented talents and workers. Mainland China stands at 2,487, of which eight are in serious condition. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 105,749 people have been infected in the country and 4,636 have died. Covid-19 has caused 5,602,767 deaths worldwide since the beginning of the pandemic, according to The most recent report from the Agence France-Presse. The respiratory disease is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, detected at the end of 2019 in Wuhan, a city in central China. The new variant Ómicron, classified as worrying and very contagious by the Organization World Health Organization (WHO), was detected in Southern Africa and, since the South African health authorities gave the alert in November, it has become dominant in several countries, including Portugal. Source: “Notícias ao Minuto”.

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