A press release from MISAU in the possession of FOLHA DE MAPUTO states that of the total 7,926,268 are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. citizens over 18 years of age must be vaccinated. However, MISAU has notified four deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours in the country, which increases to 2,109 deaths since the announcement of the first infected person in the country, in March 2020 .Of the four deaths, three are women and one man, and their ages vary between eight and 76 years. The note states that two deaths occurred on Wednesday (12) and the other two on Tuesday (11). note, one death was registered in the city of Maputo, and the southern provinces of Maputo and Inhambane each reported one death and the Sofala plant also notified one death. city ​​of Maputo. Currently, they are hospitalized in the C hospitals for COVID-19 and in other hospital units in the country, a total of 204 infected. 97 of these, equivalent to 47.54 percent of the total number of internees across the country, are in the city of Maputo. However, in the last 24 hours, the MISAU recorded another 1,752 new infections, as a result of a total of 6,036 samples suspicions tested throughout the country. The positivity rate in the period under analysis was 29.03 percent, with the accumulated positivity rate being situated at 18.48 percent. The geographical distribution of the new infected indicates that the city of Maputo has 346 cases, which represents 19.74 percent of the total cases across the country, and a positivity rate of 22.96 percent. The provinces, central Zambézia, with 221 cases (12.61 percent of the total and positivity rate of 36.41 percent); and Inhambane, with 212 (12.10 percent of the total and a positivity rate of 71.38 percent), were also the regions with the highest number of infected people reported in the last 24 hours. Of the 1,752 new cases, 1,724 are Mozambicans and 28 foreign. 933 are women (53.25 percent) and 797 are men (45.49 percent). The cumulative number of positive cases in the country is 216,559, of which 216,190 are locally transmitted and 369 are imported.

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