In a press release, the Ministry of Health (MISAU) says that of the 25 infected today, 26 are Mozambicans and two foreigners who contracted the virus within the country, adding to the total from infected by COVID-19 to 151,046.At national level, the Positivity Rate in the last 24 hours was 1.8%, while the Accumulated Positivity Rate is 16.4%. Regarding those recovered, the institution says that they are all Mozambican nationals. Thus, the country has a total of 148,064 registered recoveries. “For the second consecutive day, MISAU did not report any deaths in a patient infected by the new Coronavirus, continuing the country with a cumulative of 1,924 fatalities due to COVID-19”, says the communicated. Still in this period, there were no cases of hospitalization, however there were three hospital discharges, maintaining “the cumulative of 6,997 hospitalized patients, of which 12 are currently in the COVID-19 Internment Centers and in other Hospital Units”. The country now has 1,054 active cases of the new Coronavirus.

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