The 6th Criminal Section of the Judicial Court of Nampula Province decided to release the Portuguese citizen, detained last February in possession of 79 sea turtles of the species astrochelys radiata (already at risk of extinction) , from the island of Madagascar. According to a source from the Public Ministry, the accused was released on 21 May under a term of identity and residence, since, at the time of the facts, he resided in the city of Ilha de Moçambique, in that province in the north of the country. The source did not elaborate on the details that led the Investigating Judge to sign the indictee’s release. Remember that, upon his arrest, the 66-year-old Portuguese citizen, identified by J. Correia, revealed that he had been raising the animals for 20 years and that, during this period, he was trying to legalize the process in order to later market his creation, however, the dream would be aborted by the authorities. He also said that he spent, monthly, 15 thousand Meticais to keep them alive and that he never bought, much less sold any aquatic animal. (Letter) Source: Mozambican Letter

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