As leaders of the Southern African Development Community-SADC extend the military force’s mandate for the next three months to fight terrorists in Cabo Delgado, community leaders and religious pray for peace in the district of Mocímboa da Praia. To this end, Muslim, Catholic and Protestant religious leaders prayed for peace, this Tuesday and Wednesday, in the village of Mocímboa da Praia, an act that served to implore God to pour out a blessing and discourage the practice of violent acts, when the population to return to their areas of origin. The village of Mocímboa da Praia was abandoned for a year by the population and its government, due to terrorist attacks, the most violent of which was in July 2020.   During prayers, religious leaders repudiated the terrorist actions that have been sowing mourning since 2017 and pain, in addition to the destruction of socio-economic infrastructure in the north and center of Cabo Delgado province. Meanwhile, joint Mozambican and Rwandan forces continue to search homes to ascertain whether or not the terrorists are hiding in some homes. So far, at least 3000 houses have been searched.(Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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