There is not a single official complaint, penitentiary establishments have visits, for example, from the Public Ministry who have to know what is happening, but there is none case reported by the defendants and convicted,” said Helena Kida, Cited by OPaís. The Minister of Justice spoke this Wednesday morning during her visit to the Special Penitentiary Facility for Women in Maputo to assess the veracity of the complaint made on Tuesday on the sexual exploitation of women by guards in exchange for monetary values. Kid was, for about four hours, meeting with the Directorate of the National Penitentiary Service (SERNAP) and some inmates “randomly chosen to know up close what is happening and see where we are failing as the Ministry of Justice.” After the conversation she had with the two groups, the minister told reporters that “it still is it’s premature to draw any conclusions”, but “what I can say is that we will carry out an investigation that should last between 10 and 15 days at most, due to the complexity of the case to assess its veracity, but also to hold responsible, if proven”. According to the minister of responsibility, an inquiry commission was created for this purpose, which will be headed by the Ministry of Justice with the collaboration of the Public Ministry, Criminal Investigation Service, psychologists, IPAJ, Center for Legal and Judiciary Training, among other organizations. Thus, the commission will be composed of at least 10 elements from different origins to ensure an independent investigation. “I want to hear the opinion of other people who can show me what I cannot see, as this is a sector that I direct”, he stressed. The minister acknowledged that the problem may not only be experienced in this penitentiary establishment, but in others in the country and, therefore, the investigation process may be replicated for more national ias.After the investigation, and if the allegations of the complaint are proven, as the source said, the employees of the chain will be held disciplinary or criminally responsible, but they will not be the only ones to “pay”.”If there are clients, it is important to know who they are and should also be held responsible, because our establishments cannot be turned into a focus of producing more suffering for the people who are already here”The Special Penitentiary Establishment for Women in Maputo currently has 97 inmates.

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