This Thursday the foundation stone was laid for the construction of another drainage ditch in Minguene, in the Costa do Sol district, where whenever it rains there are floods .The aforementioned drainage ditch will have an extension of 1,500 meters and will cost the municipality 58, 383,111.05 (fifty-eight million, three hundred and eighty-three thousand, one hundred and eleven thousand meticais and five cents).” The launch of this project, here in Minguene, it will minimize the problem of flooding and improve the flow of rainwater, in this area that is one of the most prone in our municipality” said the city’s Edil. Eneas Comiche took the opportunity to launch messages to those who doubt the capacity of the Municipality to carry out works. “There are some who do not believe in our ability to carry out; I would like to say that they are in fact mistaken, because when we promise we deliver.” Rua da Igreja, better known as Estrada da Linha. Source:O País

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