The National Election Commission (CNE) says it will have to readjust expenses for municipal elections due to lack of money. The CNE has a deficit of more than two billion Meticais for the scrutiny. The budget for holding the municipal elections is 3.2 billion Meticais, however the CNE has only one billion Meticais. If it does not manage to have all the necessary amount for the scrutiny, scheduled for October 2023, the institution is already considering alternatives.”The situation of financial crises can be minimized with the conscience of Mozambican citizens and institutions, in the sense of cutting expenses that can be eliminated, but the basic expenses that must be carried out”, defended the president of the CNE, Carlos Matsinhe. Given the deficit, the Government is currently raising funds from the partners. “We believe that the Government will make an effort to to create proper conditions to fill the deficit and we are working with the United Nations Development Program in order to raise the necessary amount for expenses”, explained Carlos Matsinhe.During the opening of the consultation session with political parties, Matsinhe explained that “90 percent of the equipment used in the election is imported and ordered from other countries, which conditions the arrival of materials, It can take up to 16 weeks”. Therefore, the CNE “needs to have timely preparation and organization of all the material and equipment for testing”. consultation held by the CNE, in Maputo City, point to the need to scrutinize the inspection, so that there are no doubts about the effectiveness of the equipment. The CNE president was speaking this Thursday after the second consultation meeting to political parties about local government elections.Source:O País

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