O Observatório Cidadão para Saúde (OCS), a non-governmental organization, defends the regulation and standardization of user fees in hospitals in Mozambique, understanding that they limit access to people, especially the most disadvantaged. User fee refers to any charges for access to public health services, including care, consultation, medicines, medical-surgical materials, among others.According to the OCS, in several health units, countless cases in which users who are able to meet the requirement of the aforementioned fees are privileged. In fact, a sensitive policy for low-income people is lacking. The OCS’ position was expressed this Thursday in Maputo by the executive director, Jorge Matine, during the National Conference on Access to Health, an event whose objective was to discuss the current stage of the sector in Mozambique. Matine understands that this situation, in some way, represents a direct privatization of the system, as it excludes the majority of users. a broad debate with the participation of service users on their ability to pay.’The fees start from 200 meticais, reaching just over 1,500 meticais (one dollar is equivalent to close to 64 meticais), harming the Mozambican population that survives with less than a dollar a day, in a context in which they are forced to give up other essential expenses as a way of accessing certain health services’, he lamented. charged without any regulation and each hospital sets the amount it understands, not having much clarity on how they are determined. As for the special rates, he states that they differ despite the existence of a regulatory norm that fails to mention the amounts to be charged in each unit This fact also leads us to conclude that the stipulation of fees for access to health care is not transparent, that is, everything indicates that health units simply set fees without following a standard logic or norm at the level of the National Health System (SNS)″, he added.

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