A citizen, identified by José Dinis Mapanga, denounced schemes of nepotism and clientelism in the hiring of members of the District Election Commission of KaNyaka, in Maputo City. The complaint was made to the Ombudsman, Isaque Chande. According to the letter of request for clarification sent to the President of the District Elections Commission of KaNyaka by the Ombudsman and to which “Letter” had access, dated August 8, 2022, Mapanga says that there are children and stepchildren in the selection of candidates to the member for the board of that electoral body. According to the complainant, from the recent competition launched for this purpose, the jury selected school directors, heads of school secretariats, family members of the First Frelimo Secretary in that part of the country and even businessmen who provide services to that institution. “Letter” was unable to speak with the President of the KaNyaka District Elections Commission to find out how the contest was carried out, however, the answer to Isaque Chande’s request should be submitted until the next August 23, next Tuesday. (Letter) Source: Carta de Moçambique

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