Cimentos de Moçambique, a state-owned company, intends to update environmental impact study of limestone mining project, one of the elements of cement production, in Matutuine district , Maputo province. “Cimentos de Moçambique, SA, an InterCement Group company based in Maputo City, which is dedicated to the production and sale of cement from clinker, gypsum and limestone, intends to update the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) for the project of the open-pit limestone mine in Pedreira de Salamanga, located about 120 km from Maputo City, in the village of Bela Vista, in the district of Matutuine, Maputo Province”, a document reads, ” Letter” had access. Thus, the document, dated 17th of August, states that Cimentos de Moçambique selected the company KENDRA’s, Lda., to carry out the updating of the project’s EIA. The same document states that the contractor will hold public consultation meetings on the second day of next September, as part of the project’s environmental impact assessment process. The Head of the Registration Department at Cimentos de Moçambique, Maura Jorge, explained that this is not a new project (as can be seen a priori) and whose objective would be to face the competition imposed by the company Moçambique Dugogo Cimentos, which, from from that district, it produces cement and clinker (with local raw materials) and sells them at prices lower than those of Cimentos de Moçambique and other industries. Maura Jorge underlined that updating the EIA is a periodic activity that Cimentos de Moçambique has been carrying out and refers to an old project (mining license), in which the company has been extracting limestone for several years. of cement. (Letter) Source: Mozambican Letter

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