The former statesman was called to the Ombudsman’s office to talk about the role of this body, but the dominant theme in the interview with journalists was the security situation in the country, starting with the prevailing lack of understanding between Mariano Nhongo and the Government. According to the newspaper “Opaís” says that Chissano says that the great difficulty is access to the leader of the Renamo Military Junta and that if its location is known, the more correct is to dialogue and explain to Nhongo about its rights and legal limits. He also spoke of the need for support or not in the fight against the attacks in Cabo Delgado, showing optimism in the steps being taken. He says that the Government is following the right paths.Speaking of the role of the Ombudsman, a topic for which he was invited to leave his speech, Chissano lamented the lack of cooperation from public institutions.In turn, Isaque Chande, Ombudsman , points out the main gaps it faces in the exercise of its activities and says the delay in responding to the files submitted by citizens to the institutions and the delay in attributing the Right of Use and Enjoyment of the Land is striking. The figure of the Ombudsman was determined by the Constitution of the Republic of 2004, in the Government of Joaquim Chissano and exists essentially to safeguard compliance with the law and serves as an intermediary in the relationship between citizen and public administration.

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