GUARDA-REDES: Ernan Siluane (UDS), Ivane Urrubal (ABB) and Victor Guambe (Costa do Sol); DEFENSES: Ifren Matola (UDS), Domingos Macandza (Costa do Sol), Edmilson Dove (UDS), Danilo Muze (Costa do Sol), Alberto Alface (Fer.Beira), Francisco Muchanga (Costa do Sol), Martinho Thauzene (ABB) ), Daniel Mutambe (UDS); MIDDLE: Amade Momade (UDS), Shaquille Nangy (Fer.Maputo), Saddan Guambe, (Fer.Maputo), Feliciano Jone (ABB), Nelson Divrassone (UDS), João Bonde (Fer.Beira), Ailton Macuácua (Fer. Maputo); ADVANCED: Stélio Ernesto (Costa do Sol), Melque Alexandre (ABB), Melven Choi (Fer.Beira), Isac Carvalho (Fer.Nampula) and Pachoio King (UDS). are exempt from the group stage in the competition that will take place from the 5th to the 17th of this month, in Durban, South Africa.

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