Child labor continues to reign in some markets in the country’s capital. The newspaper “O País” visited some, where children sell various products in view of all the risks posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Others go to the markets to have fun. It is by nature a place of agglomerations. In Maputo City markets, almost all kinds of products are sold. Those who cannot go there alone are carried by their parents. In short, there are many children in Maputo City markets exposed to Covid-19. Innocent, the little ones play without the slightest notion of risk. Lina Claudina, at 13 years old, has to balance school and work. The youngest lives with her grandparents and, day after day, goes to the market early in the morning to sell water as a way to help put food on the table in the house where she lives. “I go to the market to get money and help with the bills at home. I can’t concentrate at school, because I also have to dedicate myself to selling to be able to eat, if my family had minimal living conditions I wouldn’t do this job”, said Lina, saleswoman at the Xipamanine market. This and other thoughts they take some kids to places where there is a risk of contamination by COVID-19, while others give a helping hand to those in charge despite being against their will. “I’m here helping my father sell. I’d rather be somewhere else, at school, because there I can learn a lot while here I run the risk of catching the Coronavirus”, lamented Abibe Simeão. Against all risks, some children go to the markets just in search of entertainment and others receive orders to shop. “I was sent to buy slippers just for my aunt. At home, there was no one else to be in charge,” said Cayane Sérgio. infection by Covid-19. “This situation is a big problem, because we see children and we, as administrators, always send minors home to prevent this practice from becoming fashionable and, likewise, protect the innocent beings of COVID-19 “, explained Efraime Manhique, manager of the Fajardo market. These are challenges that must be tackled by everyone, which is why Manhique asks for the collaboration of everyone. “This is an orientation of the capital city to market managers and ignored by many. The markets have been a place for children’s work, an amusement park and where many children spend most of their time during the day,” he concluded. Source: O País

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