This Wednesday, the exhibition by the famous Mozambican artist, Chichorro, entitled “Winged dreams in blue with birds” opened, at the Galeria da Fundação Fernando Leite Couto.Opening the program celebrating the 100th birthday of the poet, journalist and editor Fernando Leite Couto, one of the most prominent visual artists in Mozambique will exhibit his most recent creations, in an exhibition that runs until the 3rd of May 2024. Since the 1960s, Chichorro has been offering us his unique way of telling stories, of bringing to the screen every relationship of affection, the humanity that lives in his people, in the simple things of nature, but which will transform the core of those who appreciate it. The woman, the cat, the bird, in a color palette that brings nature to life, as if seeking to penetrate the viewer’s soul, are the artist’s trademark. These symbolic references, this sensitivity and an entire enchanted world, is what hopes to enjoy in this exhibition, curated by Yolanda Couto, whose title summarizes the essence of what can be seen: winged dreams in blue birds. The writer Mia Couto, gives a reading of the exhibition that connects us to affections.”The paintings of Chichorro are the hand of this father that teaches the boy to see what cannot be seen. There are infinite stories, the secrets of the women who live by the window, the colors of a dreamed nation, the sounds of a place that insists on being eternal. suburbia. These women that can be birds, these moons that can be music, this marrabenta that makes cages hanging on a cloud dance. All this Creole poetry is written in colors, in a “Luso-ronga gibberish” (in the words of Luís Patraquim) already posted. in words by his fellow countryman José Craveirinha.”With this performance, says Mia Couto, “our Chichorro returns to the land he never left. This is not a return. It’s just the circle of memories of a house made of wood and zinc that warms itself with its own colors.” (RM) Source: Rádio Moçambique Online

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